The Secret To Being More Productive At Home: Amazing Home Office Design! - By Malika Junaid

Jul, 14

As a result of the global health crisis, many of us are relegated to working from home. With no clear end in sight, it looks like the trend is here to stay. Whether that’s good news or bad news in your world, an amazing home office design will help you work in comfort and maximize your productivity.

Designing A Home Office For Your Health and Happiness
Modern office design, from a corporate perspective, considers employee wellness and ergonomics to maximize value, and there is no reason your home office can’t follow the same principles.

Ergonomic Principles
Ergonomics is the science of designing a workplace that fits.Positioning your chair and desk just right will help you avoid back pain and mental fatigue.

Here are some good rules of thumb as they pertain to ergonomics

  1. Your chair should support your back and allow you a neutral posture
  2. Your monitor should be no more than two inches above or below your natural sight-line
  3. Your feet should rest on the floor or a footrest
  4. You shouldn’t have to reach for anything

If your desk and chair situation isn’t ideal, you might think about getting a desk riser, like a VariDesk so you can switch up your position (and even stand) once in a while.

Home Office Goals: Top Trends in Home Office Design
If you live in the city, setting up a home office might be a lot more challenging. In small spaces, you might be forced to repurpose a corner of the bedroom or commandeer the kitchen island to create a workspace, which isn’t so bad if you’re living on your own. The real challenge comes when you are sharing space with others.

Here are some of the top trends we see lately in home office design.

1. Home Office Design for Small Spaces
When space is at a premium, think multi-purpose. Desks and workstations can be nestled into a corner of the living room, an alcove, or the vanity area in a walk-in closet. For a little extra privacy, separate your work zone from the living space with a screen or a curtain.

2. Home Office Storage
Storage might be another consideration. Banquettes are a great idea as they provide flexible seating and pull double-duty as storage for office supplies and equipment. Bed platforms are also a good candidate for built-ins as they don’t take up any additional space.

3. Spare Bedrooms
Beautiful and innovative new designs in wall beds turn your spare bedroom into a functional, multi-purpose space that doesn’t come at the expense of your lifestyle. By day, it’s your all business. By night, anything goes! In a way, this follows a time-honored Japanese design approach, where rooms are rearranged for various uses at different times of the day.

4. Closets
Transform a large closet into a workstation, complete with storage for office supplies. When guests visitor when work is done for the day, you can simply close the door. If you have a spare room, but the closet isn’t quite large enough for your home office needs, think about expanding into an adjacent space to get the room you need.

5. Basement or Garage Conversion
Any underutilized space is a great candidate for a home office. With a garage or basement conversion, you won’t be cramping anybody else’s style. You’ll get all the privacy and separation you need to be productive.

In closing, when designing a home workspace, your comfort, happiness, and wellness should be top priorities. If you are looking for more home office design ideas for your Bay Area abode, we’ve got inspiration galore! Reach out today, and let’s get started.

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