The Best Residential Architects In Cupertino California - By Home Builder Digest

Feb, 18

M Design Architects is an award-winning company with 45-years of industry experience. It is led by founding principals Chris Jessup and Malika Junaid. Both principals are well-regarded in the industry, having designed homes for Silicon Valley executives from Facebook, Apple, and Google. Their invaluable experience in commercial and residential design has helped the company become one of the most recognized architecture studios in the area.


M Design Architects specializes in sustainable design in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. It has garnered praise for its excellence, having been featured in Punch Magazine, World Architecture & Design, and San Francisco Chronicle. The company is also a recipient of the prestigious Architecture Master Prize in 2018, and an award from the World Architecture & Design Awards 2019’s Private House category.

The practice’s portfolio showcases its work throughout Southern California. The modern Cupertino home is among its best projects. Designed to be built in one of the city’s wooded areas, the home complements the scenery with the firm’s use of warm wood tones. It features clean and sleek roof lines, overlooking windows, and a spacious entryway.

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