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Dec, 06

When a growing family of outdoor enthusiasts purchased a 1994-built home in Saratoga, CA, they envisioned transforming the 1.2-acre property into the ultimate outdoor living oasis. Located in the Bay Area near Silicon Valley the property enjoys 360-degree views of meticulously landscaped surroundings and picturesque mountains. The original home design felt confined with small rooms and outdated elements obstructing views of the mountains and limiting access to the large backyard. The homeowners were determined to turn their vision of a contemporary indoor/outdoor recreational abode into a reality, embracing the extensive renovation challenge starting in 2019. Completed in 2022, the result exceeded expectations, perfectly leveraging modern design solutions like bifold glass walls to deliver the ultimate indoor/outdoor retreat for the entire family.


Building a Dream from Scratch

"The goal was to create open, flexible areas that can adapt to changing needs," says architect Malika Junaid, principal and co-founder of M-Designs Architects. "Our objective was to design a backyard oasis, which involved establishing a seamless indoor/outdoor connection and crafting versatile spaces catering to adults and children." Simultaneously, the remodel changed the existing architectural style into a modern yet timeless design. Additionally, the homeowners wanted to make the most of the stunning mountain views while removing obstructions to the backyard amenities. As outdoor enthusiasts, the homeowners completely reimagined the previous backyard layout to accommodate various outdoor activities and entertainment. With 5 bedrooms and 7 baths, the 6,740 square-foot home offered plenty of potential.


From Traditional to Contemporary with Generation 4 Folding Glass Walls

To soften the home's boxy feel and establish a more extensive indoor/outdoor area, the architectural design team experimented with new and existing roof lines, resulting in a more dynamic façade. The flat roof design facilitated high ceilings and complemented the addition of tall floor-to-ceiling windows to welcome additional natural light. The mix of materials, from the sleek black steel roof materials to the stacked Eldorado Stone walls and Longboard metal siding, offered a more visually appealing contemporary design to the exterior. Traditional fixed windows and sliding patio doors at the back were replaced with fully customizable, modern Generation 4 bifold glass walls, enhancing the home's new contemporary aesthetic. "Opening glass walls provide a seamless link between indoor and outdoor spaces," says the architect. "With the slimmest panel frames in the industry, the transparency of glass can elevate the overall look of a modern luxury home, giving it a spacious, open, and elegant feel.


Meticulous Interior Design Creates Welcoming Interiors

The interior design program of the home seamlessly complements the outdoor living spaces, embodying a contemporary and slightly minimal aesthetic. The open concept floorplan boasts warm white walls and beautiful European oak engineered hardwood floors, creating a harmonious, welcoming ambiance that mimics the feel of being outdoors. Large windows, especially the expansive bifold glass walls in the primary bedroom and the grand living and dining room perfectly frame the natural landscape, negating the need for extensive wall art. The consistent use of wood throughout, from the floors to the walls, enhances the natural, biophilic appeal of the home while a soft color palette and minimal decor contribute to the tranquil yet elevated atmosphere. Each element works in harmony with the panoramic views, natural light, and fresh air ventilation provided by the NanaWall folding glass walls that make up the entirety of the rear-facing façade to create serene interiors at every turn.


Achieving the Coveted Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle with NanaWall Bifold Glass Walls

“We asked for an indoor/outdoor experience and the architect suggested large exterior openings,” says the homeowner. “It became a theme for our remodel.” The architect specified Jet Black aluminum framed NanaWall Generation 4 NW Aluminum 840 bifold glass walls to seamlessly transition between the primary bedroom and living room and the outdoor living areas. These folding glass walls were the ideal choice, aligning with the architect's vision due to their outward opening flow, ease of operation, extremely narrow aluminum frames, and aesthetic appeal. The panels can be adjusted to remain closed, partially open, or fully opened, offering flexibility to meet the homeowners' needs. In addition, the folding systems are configured with swing door panels to provide easy day-to-day access to the outside. The weather-performing bifold glass walls provide plenty of thermal efficiency and protection from the elements to ensure comfortable, cozy interiors year-round.


A Home Built for Outdoor Recreation

A central focus of the renovation revolved around reshaping the backyard into the ultimate outdoor recreation paradise, ideal for hosting gatherings with friends and family. “A larger lot size granted us the creative freedom to design distinct, entertainment-packed spaces in line with what the clients wanted,” says the architect. Drawing inspiration from the homeowners' avid outdoor lifestyle, the design team tailored the area to cater to a variety of open-air activities. This incorporated a designated play area for the younger children, a half-court for basketball, a dedicated outdoor lounge space, a jeu de boules setup, and even a putting green. Additionally, the wide opening, space efficient bifold glass walls effortlessly open the home to the adjoining patio, offering convenient access to an outdoor kitchen and open-air dining room—not to mention the alluring views of the infinity pool, hot tub, custom waterfall by the creator of the infamous Bellagio fountains, and multipurpose ADU (accessory dwelling unit).


A Multipurpose Space, From Pool House to Office

Initially, the homeowners had the idea of constructing a detached living space in the backyard intended as a home office. The architect's vision, however, aimed for a more ambitious approach. “With many people now working from home, having a guest house is invaluable for accommodating family and friends,” says the architect. “The ability to maximize every space in our homes, seamlessly transitioning between an office and guest house, proves to be efficient.” To further enhance the functionality of the space, the architect specified two additional aluminum framed bifold glass walls, transforming it into a truly versatile, multi-functional indoor/outdoor area. Depending on the homeowners' needs, the unit can serve as a home office, pool house, guest house, or game room for kids and adults alike.


Ultimate Flexibility for Indoor/Outdoor Living Year Round

The system specified in the ADU features a SixFold panel set configuration unique to Generation 4 folding glass walls. This enables the panels to smoothly glide to the right, left, or center to adapt to any desired opening size and allows the panels to stack out of the way and on top of the swing door to create unobstructed, wide openings around the pool area. A barely-there and barefoot-friendly floor track offers fluid transitions, especially convenient for those quick dashes in and out of the pool. Engineered to perform in all weather conditions, the system offers advanced durability, energy efficiency, and protection from the elements, making the space usable year-round without compromising comfort or peace of mind. NanaWall systems have been independently tested for air, water, structural, forced entry, operation, and sound control with excellent results. “As the world undergoes transformation, so do the lives of most people we know,” says the architect. “Our home must adapt to reflect these changing lifestyles.”


Final Thoughts

For the homeowners, creating a forever home that elevates their love for the outdoors and offers a welcoming entertaining space for family and friends is extremely gratifying. Meticulous design choices and design-forward solutions like the NanaWall Generation 4 folding glass walls contributed to the goal of an inviting indoor/outdoor family home that not only aligns with but enhances the homeowners' lifestyle. These dynamic, wide openings transform the back façade to provide easy year-round access to bountiful outdoor living right from the comfort of home. “During Summer and Fall, we usually leave the doors open as we host friends and family while the kids run around from the backyard to inside the house,” says the homeowner. “It is pure joy. We would not have it any other way.”

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