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Nick McCracken


My passion for design can be traced back to the days I could barely walk, whether it was Legos, K’nex, Erector Sets. I later followed iconic designers like Zaha Hadid, Mies Van der Rohe, and Frank Lloyd Wright.
I studied architecture at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo where my love for architecture and design was cemented.
Then the fabrication bug got a hold of me and I moved to New York City working for a design engineering and fabrication firm.
Back in the Bay Area I started my own one human design build studio. My projects have included a design director role for a future-focused 22 acre community space in Portola Valley, an eco-minded off-grid tiny home built with 100% organic insulation, and various remodels around the Bay.
Now at M Designs, I bring my constructability and material science passion to the architecture of Silicon Valley. I try to learn as much as I can about sustainability and implement that into our California contemporary style.
In my free time you can usually find me in my fabrication shop making furniture, on the road in my camper with my wife and our dog, volunteering on a big art project, or out at the beach on a surf board.

Priyanka Mdesign Team

Priyanka Bendre

Senior Designer

Priyanka Joined MDA in 2016. Prior to working with MDA, Priyanka worked in India as a licensed architect. Having worked in India and now in California, Priyanka brings her multicultural experience in her thought process while working on various assignments.
She earned her Masters in Master of Advanced Architectural Design in Digital Craft from California College of the Arts, San Francisco & Bachelor of Architecture from B.N. College of Architecture, Pune, India. She is currently pursuing her architecture licensure in California.
Outside of office, she can be found gardening, crafting, baking or hiking with her husband.

Rasta Khazeni: Interior Designer

Rasta Khazeni

Senior Interior Designer

Before I joined M Designs Architects, I worked in residential, retail, corporate office, and hospitality design for commercial architecture firms in Silicon Valley on projects for Starbucks, Google, Genentech, Synthego, Alectar, and more.
I got my A.S. degree in Multimedia/ Graphic Design and worked as a Multimedia designer for high tech companies for many years before getting another A.S. degree, this time in Interior Architecture Design. Currently I am in the process of getting my BFA degree in Interior Architecture at SJSU.
I am passionate about Sustainable & Green Design. I am actively pursuing my LEED Green Associate certificate to be followed by LEED ID+C in the near future.
I am a world traveler and in my spare time, I love to hike, bike, and paint, having had my own Gallery shows also.
My hands-on years of diverse work experience, education, skills, and passion bring great value to the M Designs Architects’ customers who seek a unique design for their space.
Languages: English, Dutch & Farsi

Quan Mdesign Team Foto

Quan Nguyen:


As a member of the MDA team, Quan is exited to be joining a firm with a rich reputation, a strong portfolio, and skilled people.
Quan went to the University of Technology in Danang, where he earned his bachelor's degree. He is currently pursuing his architecture licensure in California.
He is always fascinated by how building systems, people and architecture are synchronized to create highly efficient and functional spaces. He enjoys working with clients and project teams to "design the process" to design the project, enable all stakeholders to participate, be heard, and contribute to the project's direction. Being able to understand and communicate the vast array of issues and challenges, Quan is adept at navigating them through the process to create high-quality projects that will best meet the needs of their users and communities.
When Quan is not at the office, he enjoys pursuing his passions at the gym, sipping a smooth red wine, hiking, playing guitar.

Samira Mdesign Team Foto


Senior Designer

I have a bachelor's degree in architectural engineering. Before joining MDA in 2021, I worked on many different projects, such as single-family, mixed-use, townhomes, and retail for the medium to large size design and built firms in the Bay Area. My educational background, a Bachelor's degree in Architectural Engineering, work experience, and technical expertise brings tremendous value to the MDA customers. I possess all the ICC certificates related to the residential building codes, and I have always been reliable in checking construction documents for the building codes compliance.
I strongly wish to pursue my architectural license soon.
In my spare time, I love to watch movies, cook, and go outdoors.
Language: English, Farsi

Jennie Mdesign Team Foto

Jennie Moe:


Jennie is multilingual and can speak six languages. She also loves to travel and finds it fascinating to learn about other cultures. Jennie got her double bachelor’s degree in architecture at 21 back in Myanmar. She pursued her foreign experiences in Singapore for three years before moving to the USA. Although she has experience in mix-used development, commercial & retail, she had found her passion in residential.
Jennie loves fashion and anything related to art & creation by saying, "If I can't be an Architect, I will become a fashion designer."
Jennie is currently working on becoming a pastry chef in her leisure time, doing yoga, cooking, painting, gaming & enjoying music.


Zhengrui He


Zhengrui started his architecture career in China before moving to the US where he received his Master of Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis. He began his architecture practice in Bay Area since 2018, designing residential, mix-used and office projects. At M. Designs Architects Zhengrui focus on high-end residential architectural design as well as interior design.

Out of the office he likes hiking, cooking and traveling with his friends and playing sports game.

Language speak: English/Mandarin


Salwa Shafiq


My childhood love for painting and sketching cityscapes heritage buildings inspired me to pursue Architecture as my career. I completed my bachelor’s in Architecture and planning from NEDUET.
I have been practicing Architecture for three years before starting my career with MDA. During this time, I worked with Karachi's prestigious architectural and interior design firms, increasing my expertise and knowledge in designing and planning.
I am currently eager to learn more about the sustainable design approach.
Apart from my office time, I do Insta-art blogging and Calligraphy Reels that I also upload on my YouTube channel. I have won Mosaic NED and The Express Tribune awards for Live Landscape Painting.

Saqib Mdesign Team Foto

Saqib Paracha

Lead Drafter

Born in Hyderabad, Sindh, I completed my graduation in Architecture from Mehran university. I took my first job after graduation in Dubai. This job was no less than challenging for me, but I quickly adapted and excelled at it due to my extraverted and perseverant nature. During my stay in Dubai, I gained architectural insights and overtook personality growth. I resumed my architectural practices after returning to Pakistan and completed my Masters's in Project Management from Bahria University in 2020.
My thirst for exploring the depths of architecture led me to join MDA at the start of 2020, and I am glad of my decision, as I can demonstrate my skills at greater levels. I am passionate about designing new buildings, restoring and conserving old buildings, and developing new ways to use existing structures. I am also involved in the construction projects from the initial stages to the completion of those projects.
I like to engage in adventurous activities like I took part in ‘Guinness World Records in 2019, where I achieved the award for ‘Longest Line follower robot track.’ It was a moment of awe for me. Aside from this, I am fascinated by artificial intelligence, and I am keen on learning more about it. Also, I like traveling, owning gadgets, and playing virtual games.

Rehan Mdesign Team Foto

Rehan Siddiqui

3D Visualizer

Rehan started his career in 2010 as an Architecture and interior 3D visualizer, additionally making Animations. Before this, he completed his 3D visualization and animation degree from Arena multimedia. Rehan also has experience teaching in Arena multimedia Pakistan. He joined M.Designs in 2021, now working online from Pakistan and spending free time with his wife and two children.

Outside of work, he likes hiking and traveling.

Naeem Mdesign Team Foto

Naeem Ud Din


Before joining M.Designs Architects, Naeem was in Saudi Arabia as an Architectural Revit BIM Modeler for two years. He started his career at a well-known MEP Consultant Organization in 2012 in Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) field.

He is qualified for the Diploma of Associate Engineer in Mechanical Engineering from “Jinnah Polytechnic Institute” 2014. He also got training in AEC software and loves to spend his precious moments of life with his family and friends.

Oceanna Mdesign Team Foto

Oceanna Anderson

Office Manager

Oceanna joined M Designs Architects in 2021 as the Office Manager. Having studied Art History and Historical Architecture, Oceanna is thrilled to be working in a field related to her University education. Oceanna holds a BA and MA in Art History from Richmond University in London. Having worked as a Gallery Director and Art History Professor, her versatile and curious nature allowed her to switch gears, drawing her into the world of technology, where she worked in the software field for 12 years.

Oceanna enjoys donating to numerous animal charities and going to the beach with her husband and adorable rescue dog on weekends.

Shahzadi Shamsi, MDesignarchitects

Shahzadi Shamsi-Baig

Head of Marketing

Before joining M Designs, Shahzadi was an HR specialist with 16 years’ experience in Talent Development, Recruitment, Process Management & Service Delivery with Shell International, in Europe. Shahzadi has organised & provided trainings globally & specialized in Change Management & Trainings.
At M. Designs Architects Shahzadi manages all Marketing duties, both creative & technical including print & digital disciplines: Social & Content marketing, lead generation and CRM strategies. Shahzadi is also responsible for improving business processes & efficiencies. Her added responsibility is to manage relationships with all international clients.
Shahzadi holds a MSc. in International Marketing.
In her free time, she loves organizing & hosting events of a cultural nature for the local community with heavy emphasis on charity and enjoys spending time with family & friends.

Saleh Mdesign Team Foto

Saleh Danial 

Finance Manager

Saleh is a charming person who uplifts his team and brings positivity to the room. He started his career with four years in EY in the assurance department. After acquiring accounting, auditing, and taxation skills over a broad spectrum of business models and their accounting systems, he moved to the industry to sit on the other side of the table. Saleh joined M Designs as part of the Pakistan Team Extension and looks after the company's operations, showcasing his 7+ years of experience/expertise. He is also a member of ACCA Global. He facilitates the employees and ensures that the core team has more time to address the clientele and engage in the growth of the business.

He is passionate about online strategy games and enjoys playing table tennis in his spare time.

Our Awards


    ENTIRE HOUSE ($250,00 - $500,000)

    ENTIRE HOUSE ($250,000 – $500,000)


    ENTIRE HOUSE ($250,000 - $500,000)

    ENTIRE HOUSE ($250,000 – $500,000)

    ENTIRE HOUSE ($250,000 – $500,000)


    INTERIOR $100,000 & UNDER

    2011 - 2015




  • 2019 META Awards: Platinum (Entire house over $1,000,000)

  • 2019 META Awards: Platinum (Entire house $750,000 - $ 1,000,000)

  • 2019 META Awards: Platinum (Home over $250,000)

  • META Remodeling awards: Judge’s Choice Entire House ($750,000 - $1,000,000) 2019

  • META Remodeling Awards: Gold Awards Entire House ($750,000 - $1,000,000) 2019

  • META remodeling awards Platinum awards Residential addition ($100,000 - $250,000) 2019

  • World Architecture & Design Awards 2019 First award for Residential Private Home

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