M.Desgins Family

M.Designs Architects is a Mountain View, California based International architecture, planning and interior design firm specializing in sustainable, residential design as well as commercial and industrial projects.

We have more than 47 years of management experience in all aspects of designing, documentation and construction support, as well as an extensive background in construction and cost estimating for architectural projects.

Our expertise ranges from home and office remodels to new home, Eichler home, townhouses, villas, estates and mid-size commercial projects.

Chip Jessup, MDesignarchitects

Chip Jessup, president and co-founder of M•Designs Architects and Mogul Designs, has over 30 years of architectural and construction experience. He has expertise in a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and residential projects. His project work has ranged from small highly detail-oriented residential projects to religious facilities (SABA mosque, Lord’s Grace Christian Church) and commercial projects including banks (First Republic Bank, California Federal Savings) and technically complex projects for Fortune 500 companies.
Chip takes particular pleasure in developing an understanding of a Client’s needs and then translating those needs into functional, beautiful, and affordable form. He is able to work directly with individuals and collaboratively in leading large design and construction teams.
In addition to his architectural design and management skills, Chip has an intimate familiarity with the construction environment and the relationship of trades to the work due to having spent a number of years as a laborer, carpenter & construction supervisor early in his career. MDA takes pride in its commitment to client satisfaction. The personal and empathetic approach it takes in its dealings with clients, consultants, contractors, and agencies has grown out of Chip’s life experience. The company is multi-ethnic and multi-racial. Chip’s childhood in Asia and experiences gathered through travel as a student have informed his professional life.
Chip attended Stanford University as an undergraduate in History and graduate student in Civil Engineering. He has been a licensed architect since 1981 and holds an NCARB certificate. He is a member of the AIA and the Los Altos Chamber of Commerce. He has served on the Property Committee of the YMCA of the Mid-Peninsula, the Facilities Committee for the School for Independent Learners. He has served as an oral examiner for the California Board of Architectural Examiners, and has for many years served as an officer of a local chapter of BNI, the world’s foremost referral network. Chip lives in Emerald Hills, California with his wife and one of his two children and where he is able to indulge his passion for soccer, the outdoors, and the company of interesting and compassionate people.

Malika Junaid

Malika Junaid, is a founder and principal of Silicon Valley award winning architectural firm, M●Designs Architects. She has won several architectural awards for her work that include awards from the prestigious META Remodeling Awards from NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry), as well as an Environmental Quality Award from the City of Menlo Park, California, for the most sustainable single-family home in the city.
Malika’s design work has been featured in many local and international TV and print media. Her clients include executives from Apple, Box, Facebook, Google and Whatsapp, amongst others.
In 2009, Malika founded Green Learning Institute in California, which helped communities establish environmentally sustainable building practices through ongoing training and education.
In 2010, Malika co-founded Pakistan Green Building Council, a nonprofit organization committed to promoting sustainable concepts and practices to transform the way buildings and communities are built and operated in Pakistan.
In addition to her professional work, Malika is a Board Member and Charter Member of the Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America (OPEN), member of Women Entrepreneur (WE) Los Altos, and member of Business Network International (BNI). She is passionately involved in promoting entrepreneurship and business leadership in the local community.
Malika is also devoted to supporting many charities focused on educating the younger generations, especially young girls in developing countries. She is currently a board member and President of the Silicon Valley Chapter of Development in Literacy (DIL).
Malika Junaid has achieved her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Malika lives in Los Altos Hills, California with her Husband and two daughters, two cats, seven chickens and nine Koi’s

Priyanka Mdesign Team

Ni Ni

Senior Lead Designer

Raised in Toronto, Ni Ni has crafted more than 150 custom houses across the US and Canada, earning 58 client endorsements from LinkedIn. With a Master of Architecture from the University of Toronto (2010) and a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo (2006), Ni Ni brings with her over 12 years of expertise to residential design, construction, and permit acquisition.
Ni Ni, recognized for her detail-oriented approach, excels in project management, coordinating with consultants and clients while ensuring timely and cost-effective delivery of high-quality structures. Fluent in Mandarin, she adds to our office language skillset. In her downtime, Ni Ni enjoys hiking, traveling, walking her Golden Retriever, and experimenting with new recipes. Her culinary skills have earned her the title of the best chef at MDA, as voted by her colleagues.
Fluent in Mandarin & English

Avery, MDesignarchitects

Avery Cobe


Avery joined M Designs Architects in July 2015 and has since become an indispensable asset to the company, considering MDA as his extended family. As the senior-most employee, Avery works seamlessly from the cloud and serves as the go-to person for questions. He is not only a Revit Guru but also a key member of the management team, playing a pivotal role in shaping the company's strategic direction.
Avery earned his Bachelor of Architecture Technology from Lawrence Technological University in 2015. After relocating to different states, he and his lovely wife Jordan found their dream home in Holt, MI, in 2019, together with their beloved pets—four dogs, two cats, five birds, and a Russian Tortoise.
Beyond his professional commitments, Avery has a passion for ice hockey. He actively plays for and manages his inline hockey team, competing in the Midwest Inline Hockey Association (MIHA). Avery's dedication, expertise, and leadership contribute significantly to the success and cohesion of M Designs Architects.

Priyanka Mdesign Team

Priyanka Bendre

Senior Designer

Originally from India, Priyanka joined MDA in 2016, bringing with her valuable experience as a licensed architect. Holding a Master of Advanced Architectural Design in Digital Craft from California College of Arts, San Francisco, Priyanka enriches her design process with diverse multicultural perspectives.
At MDA, she places a strong emphasis on client satisfaction by offering innovative and personalized design solutions. Priyanka ensures prompt attention to client concerns and maintains an open dialogue throughout the design process, aiming to deliver creative and cost-effective solutions. Throughout her years at MDA, Priyanka has served as a design lead on numerous projects, many of which have received recognition through NARI awards.
Outside of office hours, she finds joy in spending quality time with her family, including her little one and husband. Priyanka's interests extend to gardening, crafting, yoga, playing badminton, reading, and exploring the world.
Priyanka is fluent in English and Hindi

Avery, MDesignarchitects

Maria Abreu

Senior Designer

Maria began her architectural journey in Brazil, focusing on residential and educational design, with a specialization in acoustical design for theaters, studios, and convention centers. She also taught Environmental Design to university students there.
Relocating to the Bay Area, Maria joined M Designs Architects in 2007. In 2015/2016, she also served as a QA/QC consultant for the Apple Campus II in Cupertino. Family obligations led her to Chile, where Maria lived for 7 years, becoming fluent in Spanish. Returning to the Bay Area in 2023, Maria eagerly rejoined M Designs Architects where we welcomed her with open arms. In her leisure time, she embraces the Bay Area's outdoor activities, enjoys swimming, and indulges in her passion for cooking.
Fluent in Spanish and English

Quan Mdesign Team Foto

Quan Nguyen


As a member of the MDA team, Quan is exited to be joining a firm with a rich reputation, a strong portfolio, and skilled people.
Quan went to the University of Technology in Danang, where he earned his bachelor's degree. He is currently pursuing his architecture licensure in California.
He is always fascinated by how building systems, people and architecture are synchronized to create highly efficient and functional spaces. He enjoys working with clients and project teams to "design the process" to design the project, enable all stakeholders to participate, be heard, and contribute to the project's direction. Being able to understand and communicate the vast array of issues and challenges, Quan is adept at navigating them through the process to create high-quality projects that will best meet the needs of their users and communities.
When Quan is not at the office, he enjoys pursuing his passions at the gym, sipping a smooth red wine, hiking, playing guitar.
Fluent in Vietnamese and English


Zhengrui He

Lead Project Designer

Zhengrui is a Lead Project Designer with over 5 years of experience in residential and commercial design. He graduated with a Master's Degree in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis in 2017 and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Landscape Architecture in China.
With a focus on modern and contemporary design aesthetics, Zhengrui has extensive experience designing and executing modern style homes and interiors since 2018. He is a talented designer who thrives on challenges and finding creative solutions to complex problems. Zhengrui considers the needs of his clients paramount and works closely with them to bring their vision to life.
In his spare time, Zhengrui enjoys exploring new places and cultures through road trips and travel. He also likes to stay active by going to the gym, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Zhengrui finds inspiration in movies, art exhibitions, and nature, constantly exposing himself to new ideas that influence his innovative approach to design. His diverse educational background in both architecture and landscape informs his holistic approach to every project.
Zhengrui is fluent in English and Mandarin

Swaroopa Mdesign Team

Swaroopa Dugani

Interior Designer

Swaroopa Dugani's professional journey began as a data analyst in the vibrant city of San Francisco. However, her unwavering passion for design and architecture ultimately led her to transition into the design field. Before joining MDA in 2023, she pursued her MA in Interior Architecture and Design at AAU San Francisco. Prior to her venture into the design world, Swaroopa spent time delving into healthcare data research, even publishing research papers on platforms like IEEE and Springer. Her academic background includes earning B.E and M.Tech degrees in Computer Science from India.
Swaroopa's approach to creativity is firmly anchored in an unwavering commitment to design excellence, a proficiency in crafting interior drawings, and a relentless drive to discover innovative solutions. She strongly believes in the harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality in design.
Outside of her professional life, Swaroopa has a passion for baking, doodling, and an undeniable enthusiasm for watching movies, enjoying them with a bucket of popcorn. She is fluent in Indian and English.

FIZZA, MDesignarchitects

Fizza Iqbal

Interior Design Lead

Fizza, an accomplished architect with more than ten years of professional experience, holds a bachelor's degree in Architecture from the Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture in Pakistan. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with esteemed firms in Pakistan, serving as a design lead on numerous corporate and residential interior projects, overseeing the entire process from conceptualization to construction. Demonstrating a passion for creative thinking, Fizza eagerly embraces challenging interior projects. Actively contributing to the field, she is also a dedicated member of the Pakistan Council of Architects.
Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds joy in travel and cherishes moments spent with her daughter and husband.

Najjam Mdesign Team

Najam Ul Hassan


As an Architecture and Interior Drafter, Najam became a valuable member of M.Designs in 2003. Prior to joining our team, he garnered experience in esteemed architectural firms, initiating his career in 2011. Najam holds a Diploma in Associate Engineering (CIVIL), showcasing his commitment to foundational expertise.
Beyond the drafting table, Najam dedicates his leisure moments to quality time with his family and engages in friendly badminton matches with his friends.

Jawwad, MDesignarchitects

Jawwad Naseer

Jr. Architectural Designer

Jawwad is an accomplished architectural designer with a rich tapestry of experience and a passion for design. Jawwad earned his architectural stripes from the respected UCSI University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
At the heart of his capabilities lies his mastery of Revit BIM modeling, and a deep understanding of the International Building Codes (IBC). Jawwad can create lifelike visualizations to help our clients envision the final outcome.
Jawwad's portfolio spans from single unit residential homes, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) as well as commercial developments spanning offices, retail spaces, and hospitality.
Apart from his passion for architecture, Jawwad is also passionate about fusion cooking, barbecuing, traveling, and exploring new places. Also, he is intrigued by cars and electronics and appreciates learning about them.

Rehan Mdesign Team Foto

Rehan Siddiqui

3D Visualizer

Rehan started his career in 2010 as an Architecture and interior 3D visualizer, additionally making Animations. Before this, he completed his 3D visualization and animation degree from Arena multimedia. Rehan also has experience teaching in Arena multimedia Pakistan. He joined M.Designs in 2021, now working online from Pakistan and spending free time with his wife and two children.

Outside of work, he likes hiking and traveling.

Saleh Mdesign Team Foto

Saleh Danial

Finance Manager

Saleh is a charming person who uplifts his team and brings positivity to the room. He started his career with four years in EY in the assurance department. After acquiring accounting, auditing, and taxation skills over a broad spectrum of business models and their accounting systems, he moved to the industry to sit on the other side of the table. Saleh joined M Designs as part of the Pakistan Team Extension and looks after the company's operations, showcasing his 7+ years of experience/expertise. He is also a member of ACCA Global. He facilitates the employees and ensures that the core team has more time to address the clientele and engage in the growth of the business.

He is passionate about online strategy games and enjoys playing table tennis in his spare time.

Oceanna Mdesign Team Foto

Sadia Puri

Project Manager

Sadia joined M Designs Architects in 2003, where she seamlessly fulfills her responsibilities as a Project Manager. With a keen eye for detail, Sadia plays a crucial role in overseeing and coordinating various projects within the firm.
Her journey at MDA reflects a commitment to excellence in project management, ensuring that each endeavor meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Sadia's dedication to streamline processes and effective communication contributes significantly to the success of the projects under her purview. Her ability to navigate complex tasks and deadlines, coupled with a focus on client satisfaction, makes her the go-to project manager. Sadia's passion for project management is not just a profession but a commitment to delivering exceptional results for the firm and its clients.
Besides her work, Sadia has a keen eye and love for interior design and flower arranging.

Oceanna Mdesign Team Foto

Oceanna Anderson

Director of Operations

Oceanna joined M Designs Architects in 2021 as the Office Manager. Having studied Art History and Historical Architecture, Oceanna is thrilled to be working in a field related to her University education. Oceanna holds a BA and MA in Art History from Richmond University in London. Having worked as a Gallery Director and Art History Professor, her versatile and curious nature allowed her to switch gears, drawing her into the world of technology, where she worked in the software field for 12 years.

Oceanna enjoys donating to numerous animal charities and going to the beach with her husband and adorable rescue dog on weekends.

Shahzadi Shamsi, MDesignarchitects

Shahzadi Shamsi-Baig

Head of Marketing

Armed with an MSc. in International Marketing, Shahzadi brings a wealth of experience to her role, serving as the dynamic force behind all marketing endeavors. Her multifaceted role encompasses Social and Content Marketing, lead generation, and CRM strategies, showcasing her prowess in elevating the firm's brand presence.
In addition, she is a valued member in the Management team, where she plays a pivotal role in enhancing business processes and efficiencies, contributing to the firms short and long-term goals.
Prior to joining M Designs, she accrued 16 years of expertise as an HR specialist at Shell International in Europe. Her background includes talent development, process & change management, trainings and service delivery.
Outside the professional realm, she dedicates her free time to organizing and hosting cultural and charitable events, loves to travel and seizes any opportunity to create meaningful memories with family and friends.
Fluent in English, Dutch and Urdu/Hindi